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Prevent chronic nephritis: we can do the following four things in life

1. Pay attention to the cleanness of personal hygiene and environmental sanitation, develop good habits of living and health, keep a relaxed and happy mood at any time, and strengthen the self-care awareness.

2. Beware of bacterial or viral infection, which is the most common cause of acute nephritis. Especially upper respiratory tract infection, asymptomatic bacteriuria, influenza, laryngitis, bronchitis and so on, may aggravate the symptoms of chronic nephritis.

3. Active prevention and treatment of infection focus and acute nephritis. Reduce the chance of body infection, prevent catching cold, suppurative tonsillitis, skin suppurative infection and other diseases.

4. Pay attention to diet and nutrition. Nephritis patients should avoid high protein diet, pay attention to food safety, eat fresh fruits and natural food. The principle is variety, reasonable collocation, light and delicious.

In order to be healthy, we must have correct living habits and good mentality. And prevention and health care are very important to keep away from diseases.

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