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Diabetes Kidney Disease

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Diabetes kidney disease is secondary to diabetes.It mainly occurs among people with a long history of diabetes. The following article will give you a general introduction about diabetes kidney disease.

What is diabetes kidney disease?

Diabetes kidney disease is damage to your kidneys caused by diabetes. In severe case it can lead to kidney failure. But not all patients with Diabetes will develop kidney damage.

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What causes diabetes kidney disease?

The kidneys have many tiny blood vessels which are responsible for filtering wastes from your blood. High blood sugar can cause extra workload on these blood vessels and over time can make the blood vessels worn out. When the kidneys fail to work well, high levels of wastes will build up in body and proteins will leak into urine. Approximately 40 percent of diabetes patients will get diabetes kidney disease.

In addition, certain conditions can make the patients with diabetes are prone to diabetes kidney disease like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

What are the symptoms of diabetes kidney disease?

In early stages, the patients experience no symptoms. Therefore, it is important to have regular urine tests to find kidney damage early. Sometimes early kidney damage can be reversed.

Microalbuminuria refers to a small amount of protein in urine and it is the first sign of kidney disease in diabetes. As kidney function worsens, blood pressure will increase.If the kidneys fail to remove fluid from body, retention of fluid in body will result in edema in feet and legs.

How is diabetes kidney disease diagnosed?

Microalbuminuria test is a test used to check for a protein called albumin in the urine. This sign occurs as your kidneys are not able to filter it out the way they should.

As early kidney damage can be reversed, it is important for the patients to find diabetes kidney disease early. It is important for the patients with diabetes to take the following tests.

*If you have type 1 diabetes, you should have a urine test yearly after you have had diabetes for 5 years.

*If you are a type 2 diabetes sufferer, start yearly testing at the time you are diagnosed with diabetes.

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