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Our Kidney Disease Clinic is equipped with the most advanced checkout sets for kidney diseases which provides information for a more accurate diagnosis and treatment. The inspection center is equipped with 96 sets of relevant equipments including Beckman CX-9 automatic chemistry analyzer, Topcon TRC-300 Non-mydriatic Retinal Camera, Overview of Mindray DC-7 color Doppler B ultrasound, Roche cobas c501 module chemistry analyzer, BacT/ALTER 3D Automatic Blood Culture Machine and so on.

UF-500i Urine Analyzer

Roche, Cobas 8000 Modular Analyser Series

Electrophoretic Apparatus

BNTM Ⅱ System

Siemens BN ⅡSpecific Protein Analysis System

Osmotic Pressure Analyzer

UF 500i-AX 4030 Urine Analysis

Japan SYSMEX XE-2100 Fully Automatic Hematology Analyzer

Japan SYSMEX CA 1500 Fully Automatic Blood Coagulation Analyzer

America BD facs canto ii FCM

ABI 7500 Fluorescent Quantitation PCR

Urine NGAL

Cobas E 411

Bacterium Culture System

Blood Concentration