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Four 'One' Therapy from Chinese Medicines

Nowadays, there is no cure for any kinds of kidney diseases. But it can be treated well through the Chinese medicines treatment. A more comprehensive and natural Kidney Disease Treatment from Traditional Chinese Medicine is created which is called "Four 'One'" Therapy.

Four 'One' Therapy from Chinese Medicines

What is the "Four 'One'" Therapy?

Four 'One' Therapy refers that four kinds of Chinese medical treatments, including one bottle of Mai-Kang Mixture or Composition, one pair of oral Chinese medicines, one does of external application Chinese medicine and one basin of Foot Bath.

How Does the treatment work for kidney disease?

MaiKang Mixture or Composition

MaiKang Mixture is a kind of Chinese patent medicine, which is a kind of unique medicines of our hospital-Kidney Health Organization. It has used widely for the treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease for its remarkable curative effect. Because the ingredients in the medicine can help lower blood pressure, strengthen immune system and anti-inflammation as well as anti-coagulation.

Oral Chinese Medicines

Oral Chinese medicines is made by many kinds of herbs which all come from nature. There are 49 dosage forms and 196 prescriptions in total. During the treatment, the doctor will elect the correct and effective formula to treat symptoms or complication according to your illness condition.

External application Chinese medicine

It is an external of Chinese medicines which has two kinds of dosage forms and two prescriptions. Its function is to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, such as Micro-Chinese Medicne Osmotherapy and Hot Compress Therapy.

A basin of Foot Bath

Foot bath with Chinese medicines is one of support treatments in our hospital. It is used before sleeping aims to promote blood circulation of blood and discharge the toxins by the skin.

After these systemic and natural treatment, kidney damaged structures and cells can be well repaired and renal function also can be well restored. If you or your loved one is suffering from kidney disease but have no idea how to treat, you might as well try our "Four 'One'" Therapy from Chinese medicines. Any questions, please be free to contact us!

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