Hypertensive Nephropathy

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Hypertension Kidney Disease

  • Basics
  • Symptoms
  • Treatment
  • Diet﹠Fitness

Hypertension kidney disease is a kidney disorder secondary to high blood pressure.Knowing the basic knowledge about the disease can help the patients control it better.

Causes of hypertension kidney disease

High blood pressure makes the heart work harder, and, over time, can damage blood vessels throughout the body. If the small blood vessels in kidneys can involved, they will cause extra strain on kidneys. Over time, the kidneys will fail gradually.

Symptoms of hypertension kidney disease

In early stage,no symptom is present.Increased urination at night is the frist sign for the patients to see a doctor.As renal function keeps declining further, more symptoms will appear.

-Edema in legs and ankles

-Foamy urine due to loss of proteins in urine

-Elevated creatinine level

-Back pain

Can hypertension kidney disease be prevented?

Not all patients with high blood pressure will develop hypertension kidney disease. If they can keep blood pressure at normal range 130/80mmHg, the risk will be reduced. Then how to control high blood pressure?

*Maintain weight at level close to normal

*Limit daily salt intake to 2g

*Keep drinking in moderation

*Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, and low-fat dairy foods

*Get moderate exercise-at least 30 minutes of moderate activity, most days of the week

How is hypertension kidney disease is diagnosed?

If the kidney damage can be inspected early, it may be reversed. Therefore, early diagnosis is very important for hypertension kidney disease.

Diagnosis of hypertension kidney disease

Physical examination

Swelling appears on the eyelid, ankles and feet.Frequent urination at night is often the first of hypertension kidney disease.Foamy urine can be noticed if there is leakage of protein in urine.


Urine microalbuminuria test. Hypertension can damage renal glomerular cells, so people may have an excess loss of albumin from urine. Microalbuminuria will detect early slight elevation of albumin in urine.

Urine sediment red blood cell counting. Urine sediment red blood cell counting suggests increased amount of red blood cells in urine, and most of the red blood cells are deformity.

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