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Immunotherapy is a new developed treatment which is designed for kidney diseases caused by immune disorder. More than 95% of kidney diseases are associated with immune disease, which is known as autoimmune kidney damage, such as lupus nephritis, purpura nephritis and diabetic kidney disease etc.

What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a biotherapy which helps rebuild the immune system and uses immune system to fight against the kidney damages. It is a systemic therapy, which get Chinese Herbal Medicine, western drugs, blood purification etc involved, which helps adjust your abnormal immune system and block the root cause of the autoimmune kidney disease.

How are immune system and kidney disease connected?

More than 95% of kidney disease is suspected to be caused by immune system disorder. There are mainly two ways in which the immune system can damage your kidneys.

- auto-antibodies suppose the kidneys to be a "bad" organ, which attacks this organ mistakenly.

- immune complex dysfunction that forms after an infection such as strep or staph, which is picked up in the bloodstream because of the infection are then sent to the kidney.

Both of them causes damages to the kidneys directly or indirectly. This is why immune disorder can cause kidney disorder.

How does immunotherapy help treat my kidney disease?


Immunotherapy can help control the kidney damage, by reversing the immune system disorder.

- Rebuild Immune System. Immunotherapy can help rebuild a new immune system, which will help release healthy auto-antibodies that will not attack the kidneys.

- Clean The Immune Complex. Immunotherapy uses various blood purification techniques, which can help remove the immune complexes deposited in kidneys. Thereby, it helps the immune system stop damaging the kidney tissues.

There are various blood purification therapies available. You are suggested to choose the own that matches your own condition. You can email to your medical condition to  and get a personalized opinion from our leading experts within 48 hours.

What are the immunotherapy steps?

Immunotherapy is a systemic treatment, which mainly contains 6 steps, including exact diagnosis, blocking immune reaction, immune tolerance, immune adjustment, immune clearance, immune protection.

Exact Diagnosis

If your kidney disease is caused by immune system disorder, the tests for you should be different from others. We offer a series of specific tests for autoimmune kidney damage, which can help find out the type, amount, deposition of different antibodies in your body. The test result will help guide our doctors to make personalized treatment plan for you.

Blocking Immune Reaction

When immune complexes deposit in kidneys, it will causes autoimmune damages in kidneys. The second step of immunotherapy aims at blocking the spread damages in kidneys firstly, which requires the treatment to control the condition immediately and earns time for the following steps of immunotherapy.

Immune Tolerance

It needs a not short time to remove the immune complexes in the kidneys. As a result, the immune system will continue to attack our kidneys. Immune tolerance is used to let our immune system accept the immune complex and stop further attacking to kidneys.

Immune Adjustment

Immune adjustment is offered after immune tolerance in order to recover immune system to normal level, so immune complex will not appear again. By improving immune system, the ability of removing infectious agent of human body will also be improved at the same time.

Immune Clearance

Although immune adjustment can help control the attacking on kidneys for a while, the existence of immune complex will cause the damages back sooner or later as long as the immune adjustment is stopped. Immune clearance is designed to avoid the relapse of autoimmune kidney damage, which uses different herbs and western medicines to remove the immune complexes in the kidneys. As long as the immune complexes can be eliminated, the inflammation will not occur in kidneys.

Immune Protection

As we all know that for people with autoimmune kidney damage, their immune system is more easy to be diseased. This is why many patients experience the relapse of kidney disease. Immune protection uses certain TCM remedy and supplements to help strengthen the patient's immune system, which aims at avoiding the relapse of autoimmune kidney disease. If you have interest about the TCM remedies in immunotherapy, you canmake an appointment with us, and you can get a reply from our TCM experts within 48 hours.

Is there any side effects of immunotherapy?

Yes, there is. Some people may feel chills, diarrhea, vomiting, muscle aches, nausea, weakness or lost of appetite after immunotherapy. However, all of them can be controlled by our doctors. Good news is that only a few patients get the side effects from immunotherapy, more than 90% of patients don't get the discomforts from immunotherapy.

Can immunotherapy help me avoid relapse of kidney disease?

Immunotherapy can both control the primary cause and kidney damage in kidney disease patients, thereby, it can help patients avoid the relapse of kidney disease. However, whether you can get this benefits from immunotherapy, we need to know further information about your conditions. You can leave a message below and we are glad to make a rough evaluation for you.

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