An exact diagnosis

To work out if you have kidney disease or how well your kidneys work, an exact diagnosis is the key. To find out your own conditions, you are suggested to get a personalized tests list. Here are all the tests related to kidney problem. Choose the tests that you need and click them, you will get your personalized tests list within 5 seconds. Remember to submit your email to us. It is the only way that we can send you the test list.

How well my kidneys working?

Creatinine              Urea

GFR                     Creatinine clearance

How to estimate my kidney damage?

Kidney damage subsets           Toxins in blood subsets

Minerals the kidneys normally put out:

Sodium (Na)    Potassium (K)

Calcium (Ca)   Phosphate (PO4)

Other Blood Tests:

Haemoglobin (Hb)  White cell count (wbc)

Red Blood Cell

Is My Kidney Damage Related to Diabetes?

Blood glucose    FBG


Routine Urine Test:

Occult blood  Urine Red blood cell

Urine protein       MALB

How well my liver working?

ALB     Blood lipid

Drug Levels:

Ciclosporin (cyclosporine     CyA)

Tacrolimus (Tacro)       Sirolimus

Is my dialysis good enough:

Urea reduction ratio (URR)        Kt/V

Am I at high risk to develop cardia-cerebrovascular complication?

Brain natriuretic peptide (BNP)      IL-6

How to find the primary cause and detect the very beginning sign of kidney damage?

Autoantibody subsets                 Lymphocyte subpopulation

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