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A Kidney Failure Patient Story in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital

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A Kidney Failure Patient Story in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng HospitalA real patient story occurs in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital. The patient is the Mr.Peng who is a twenty-seven years old. After our characterized treatment, his illness condition gets well controlled and the life-quality has been improved largely. If you or your loved one is suffering from Kidney Failure or other kidney diseases, I am sure that you can get benefits from the story.

Illness conditions before the patient admitted to our hospital.

Blood pressure: 170/100mmHg;

Serum creatinine: 494umol/L;

BUN (blood urea nitrogen): 17.37mmol/L.

He was diagnosed with Kidney Failure, and his doctor suggested his take some treatment focusing on reducing blood pressure. But after a period of time, his creatinine level increased to 630umol/L. Due to no therapeutic effects, he decided to stop taking medicines. Fortunately, he did not give up the treatment, and began to looking for alternative treatment so as to treat his disease effectively. Eventually, he came to our hospital.

Illness condition when he was in our hospital.

Serum creatinine: 611umol/L.

BUN (blood urea level): 34.6mmol/L.

Analysis of his illness condition.

Generally speaking, it can be well controlled if creatinine is less than 400. Once it is more than 400, the illness condition can progresses into Kidney Failure or uremia rapidly. If BUN is more than 27.4mmol/L, it can damage various organs, even can affect the brain and nerve system. Finally, our kidney experts held a consultation according, designing the treatment option about protecting remaining kidney function and recovering damaged kidney tissues. What we should do is to prevent kidney function from the further damage. Therefore, we choose the “Four ‘one’ Treatment” including: one bottle of Mai-kang composition, one pair of oral Chinese medicines, one basin of foot bath, and one pair of hot compress therapy. To know the specific treatment process, you can ask our Online Doctor directly or mail us to

Therapeutic effects after the effects.

Blood pressure: 110/70mmHg

Scrum Creatinine Level: 370umol/L

BUN level: 16.1mmol/L.

What’s more, his sleeping quality and appetite had been improved largely. We can see that Kidney Disease is not terrible, it is horrible that we fear kidney disease itself. As long as you have confidence to you and us, you might as well try our treatments.

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