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kidney disease

Symptoms A~Z

Most people can live with Kidney Disease for many years without realizing the kidney problem, because the body can tolerate a large reduction in kidney functions. There are no warning signs for CKD and individuals can lose up to 90% of their kidney function before they feel any symptoms - and by then it's too late.This is why kidney disease is known aas "silent killer".

It is important to find out the symptoms of kidney disease to catch them early, because many of symptoms can be avoided if treatment can be taken at an early stage.

If you or someone you know has one or more of the following symptoms of kidney disease or you are worried about kidney damage, you are suggested to see a doctor for further diagnosis or you can email to and we are glad to give you a rough evaluation of your current condition.


High BUN Level

Back, Flank, Stomache Pain

High Creatinine Level

Bone Disease


Blood in Urine

Itchy Skin

Dry Skin



Muscle Cramp

Frequent Urination

Poor Appetite

Heart Problem

Protein in Urine

High Blood Pressure

Swelling (Puffiness)

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